About ME

When a friend told me almost 20 years ago to take a few film classes before I graduate, I never could have imagined the career path that unfolded. Watching, listening and learning have always served me well. Milwaukee has an extensive talent pool for lighting, cinematography and directing that I was able to draw from. Combining local production and exposure to big market national spots, a myriad of on the job training was easy to acquire.  I still make it a point to take something with me from the job, everyday.

My goal is to put 20 years of production into each project. Having the opportunity to work on features, documentaries, commercials, music videos, industrials, PSA’s, reality shows, live entertainment and politics has served me well and diversified my skills. Draw from the big experiences and apply them to the modest projects. Make the shoot with no budget look and feel like a substantial budget. Bring quality and value to every job. From run and gun one man shoots, to big budget commercials, the end result should remain the same. Treat every job like it is a priority. Bring the best people and the best tools to the table every time.